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Doom 4 gets pro writer for storyline 'potential'


Graham Joyce's first order of business as newly revealed id Software writer should be to name Doom 4 -- or rather, to name the fourth game in the Doom canon currently without a proper title. With that task out of the way, Joyce should have no problem karate chopping through the dreaded writer's block. Seriously, we could pen this one in our sleep: Unnamed space marine walks down corridor, turns left, lowers shotgun, draws flashlight, sees demon, lowers flashlight, hears demon, draws shotgun, fires, hears nothing, walks down corridor, turns right ...

For the unfamiliar, Graham Joyce is an award-winning British Fantasy scribe, according to CVG, though our extensive research reveals his literature falls under the more encompassing "speculative fiction" genre. "I can say that id have hired me to help develop the storyline potential," Joyce said of his new gig. Keyword: potential. Care to speculate on that?

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