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The Queue: Heirlooms, mounts, and more

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

Today we're going to have a couple of simple answers and just plain "I don't know" responses mixed in with the usual stuff, because they've been repeat questions and not necessarily just one person asking them. Maybe a straight I Don't Know will help a little, but probably not.

Delshay Dethecus US asked...

My question is: Are Heirloom items worth getting for your Alts? If so why? I understand with End game going so well (easier) a lot of players are doing a lot of Heroics still and they are a good way to spend Emblems after you get the gear you need, but are Heirlooms a good thing to buy or should we save the Emblems for something that may come in the future?

My personal opinion is that Heirloom items are completely worth it if you're leveling a character from the bottom. Still somewhere in old school Azeroth? Worth it. Especially the Shoulders which give the XP bonus. If you're level from 70-80, only the Shoulders are worth it and not much else. All XP bonuses are worth it to me, I hate spending so much time leveling.

So whether they're a good purchase or not depends on how far you need to level your alt. Starting from level 1? Pile on the Heirlooms. Starting from Level 70? Pick up the shoulders and call it gravy.


Is Naxxramas bigger on the inside than it is on the outside?

Yes. Very much so. The inside is much, much, much bigger.

Hergen asked...

Why don't gnomes have a healing class playable to them? Is there a lore reason for this or is it just by chance?

A little of this, a little of that? Gnomes aren't the kind of race to have Priests, Paladins, Druids or Shaman. They don't worship higher powers, they aren't big on philosophy, and they're not exactly the nature loving type, either. None of the Healing classes fit them, lore-wise.

If there was a Medic-type Healing class that used various tools to heal, that's something the Gnomes would do. I'm not sure there's a place for brain surgeons in WoW, though. We can leave that stuff to the NPCs.

jlpknights82 asked...

Someone on my home realm, in Trade Chat of all places, is trying to convince me that with the racial restrictions being lifted on mounts in 3.0.8, we'll be able to somehow purchase/acquire cross-faction mounts. (I'm Horde, and he keeps telling me we'll be able to get Alliance mounts.) He keeps saying it over and over and linking threads on forums about mounts, but so far I haven't seen any ACTUAL evidence to back up this claim. He says there are Blue posts about it, claiming it will be the case, but they are unsure how it will be implemented just yet.

I call bullcrap.

Could WoWInsider maybe do some investigation into this? The dude is pretty adamant, and it makes me wonder.

It is, indeed, bullcrap. There are still racial restrictions listed on the mounts, but the items are now restricted to every race of your faction instead of select races of your faction. Horde races still can't ride Mechanostriders, Alliance races can't ride Hawkstriders beyond the drop from Kael'thas.

Besides, even if it were possible, how would you get them? The mounts are BoP and sold from faction specific vendors.

Archenon asked...

Any word about those double passenger bear mounts being added any time soon?

Haven't heard a thing about it, unfortunately.


I'm trying for the Chef title, and I'm confused about the "Northrend Gourmet" achievement. All of the guides and Wowhead say I need 45 Northrend recipes, but checking in game, says I only need 15. Which is it?

There are three steps to this achievement, and finishing the last step counts as it being 'complete.' It goes up in increments of 15. 15 recipes, then 30 recipes, then 45 to finish. Every 15 recipes you get, you complete a step in the chain.

Me asked...

Why is the portal trainer in Theramore a belf?

It's a High Elf. The Alliance still has many High Elves in its ranks. Pretty much every major Human area (Stormwind, Theramore) has a few, and they're out in full force in Northrend. The Silver Covenant, for example.
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