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Alesis iPod JamDock plays the backing band to your Ashlee Simpson


Apparently, when Alesis looks at an iPod the company gets dollar signs in its eyes -- between the 8 track mixer for the home recording set, the pro audio-minded rack mixer, and the ProTrack dock / portable digital recorder, you'd think they'd have all their bases covered -- but that's clearly not the case. Among the many goodies making the scene at this year's NAMM, JamDock is aimed at musicians who want to incorporate iPod audio into their performance. This bad boy sports two 1/4-inch inputs that support both line level and high impedance instruments, 1/4-inch monitor outs, and a single 1/4-inch stereo out for headphones. It can be mounted on a drum rack or stand using the e-percussion Module Mount (sold separately). Pricing and availability have yet to be announced. In the meantime, it looks like bedroom musicians will be stuck jamming to the Miami Vice theme on their boomboxes, just like nature intended.

[Via Music Radar]

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