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Fiction book features world domination via MMOs


With the world of creative fiction creating these bizarre, unrealistic stories about video games and how they magically kill people, it's a breath of refreshing air when something comes along that defies the usual conventions. The new techno-thriller novel Daemon by Daniel Suarez is one of those books that escapes from the usual traps of writing about video games.

Daemon features a story about a dead game designer who rigs up multiple programs to run on the condition of finding his name in a obituary RSS feed. Programs that twist enough electronic mediums in just the right way to automatically steal identities, move money, recruit people, and even kill. And where is this virus hidden? In the dead game designer's MMO, of course!

Daemon stays in the realm of plausibility via its writer, Suarez, who has a career as a IT consultant and is an avid gamer. While it originally had publishing difficulties, the book has picked up steam and is now available on his website through companies like Borders, Barnes & Noble, and others. So, when you're waiting during that next raid for your priest to show up and you have nothing else to do, why not give reading this book a go?

[Via The Escapist]

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