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Phat Loot Phriday: Titansteel Shield Wall

Mike Schramm

This is one of the more legendary shields in the game at this point, even if it isn't actually Legendary. But it is for all you Blacksmiths out there looking for something to do.

Name: Titansteel Shield Wall (Wowhead, Thottbot, Wowdigger)
Type: Epic Shield
Armor: 7350
  • 211 Block, +36 Strength, +69 Stamina
  • Increases defense rating by 64, and at this level, while I'm not a tank expert (I leave that to the pros), Defense is what you want.

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  • So obviously this is a tanking shield. It's not the absolute best tanking shield in the game (in fact, we covered another one right around this level that drops in CoT: Stratholme, and there's a nice one in Naxx, too). But it is a very good tanking shield, especially for when you can get it, and if you don't want to deal with RNG (and want to put your hard-earned profession to good use), this is the one.
  • It's Bind on Equip, too, so you can buy one or sell one -- see below.
How to Get It: As you might have guessed (or known, more likely) already, it's Blacksmithing all the way. You can pick up the recipe from the BS trainer (I have a degree in BS, actually -- Bachelor of Science), and the mats will be, let's just say, a challenge. You'll need four Saronite bars, three Titansteel bars, and a Frozen Orb. Frozen Orbs are easy -- they drop from the ends of Heroics, so just win a roll there and you got one. Saronite comes from Saronite Ore (so named after Yogg-Saron, the old god dwelling in Grizzly Hills and corrupting anything he can get his slimy tentacles on), which you just might go crazy getting -- keep an eye on your chat log.

Titansteel is a little tougher. You'll need Titanium Ore, which you can find from the nodes in Icecrown (or via a Transmute, but that's a last resort). It's three titanium bars per one titansteel, so you'll need nine total. And then you'll also need one Eternal Fire, Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow for each Titansteel bar, so three each of those. Be at least 440 Blacksmithing, put it all together with some sweat and blood over and anvil, and the shield is yours.

We'll note here also that since the item is BoE, you could just buy one off the AH -- average price is around 2500g. But it's much more fun to make one yourself.

Getting Rid of It: As pretty as it is, you probably will be exchanging it whenever your lucky day comes in Heroic CoT: Strat or Naxx. But don't worry about that -- you can sell it off to vendors for 13g 10s 92c, or it'll disenchant into a Dream Shard or (small chance) an Abyss Crystal (never mind, Epics become Crystals, my mistake).

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