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Child's Play charity brings in a whopping $1.4 million

The annual Child's Play charity fund is known for accumulating outlandish quantities of money from the gaming community -- this year was no exception. Button-mashing altruists not only met the charity's lofty $750,000 goal, they nearly doubled it, bringing in a total of $1,434,377. For those keeping track, that's enough to buy over 10,000 DS Lites, about 6,500 Core 360s, or like, two or three PS3s. (We keed!)

While there is certainly cause for celebration considering that generous gamers surpassed last year's impressive $1.3 million haul (and in the middle of a recession, no less), there's no time for laurel-resting. Child's Play, the 1988 cinematic masterpiece, garnered $33 million in gross revenue. Let's see you beat that one, you magnanimous so-and-sos.

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