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New Champions Online gameplay video, screens and writer interview surface

Kyle Horner

It looks like Champions Online is surfacing in some new places with a new gameplay video up on MSNBC and an interview with John Layman, the game's writer, up on Comic Book Resources. The video isn't in the best resolution, but it's enough to see that the visuals and new powers are really starting to come along.

A lot of ambient lighting seems to have been added, which is making the game look much more visually appealing. We did notice some of the animations were certainly looking finished, while some weren't quite there yet. A caveat: If obsessively following MMOs-in-development for over nine years has taught us anything, it's that games often don't look "finished" until they just about ready to ship.

The interview with John Layman comes with a cache of new screens, which are the first set that really make the game look good in a paused state -- something not achieved until now. As for the discussion with Layman, it's entirely worth a read if you're interested in Champions Online at all.

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