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Apple rejects Yoot Saito's iPhone game, dev staff considered Seaman DS

We're more than willing to give Apple's do-everything-device the benefit of the doubt if they want to try to make it a legitimate gaming platform, but when we hear a story like this, we can't help but develop a few hangups. Yoot Saito, developer of the unsettling/brilliant Seaman, recently wrote a blog post describing the fate of his in-development iPhone game, GABO (a spiritual successor to Seaman, but with a caveman instead of a manfish). That fate is unfortunately grim -- according to Saito, Apple gave the game the axe due to "unpleasant" gameplay.

He also mentions that the game's development staff had considered going to work on Seaman DS before working on GABO. We'd like to know how much money they'd need to follow through with this ambition, as well as the mailing address to where we should send said funds.

[Via Offworld, Translation via Kotaku]

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