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Novatel's MiFi passes FCC in GSM flavor

Chris Ziegler

We're not going to even try to hide our enthusiasm for Novatel's upcoming MiFi router; honestly, what's there not to love about a credit card-sized sliver of metal that routes 3G over a little cloud of WiFi for a few hours on a charge? Nothing, that's what -- but you sure couldn't detect any enthusiasm out of the lab that dryly put a prototype through its paces in preparation for FCC approval. This one's a little weird and not entirely appropriate for North American use, featuring 850 and 1900MHz EDGE plus 1900MHz HSPA (there could be some foreign bands thrown in there, too, but the FCC doesn't give two craps about those, so they typically aren't listed). We're not sure why there wouldn't be any 850MHz HSPA if they're doing 1900, but there'll undoubtedly be a number of MiFi models released for different locales and carriers, so we're not going to break a sweat about it. Yet.

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