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BenQ goes for the kitchen sink approach with new line of 16:9 monitors


Never one to go half-way with a product line, BenQ has now filled out its G-series of LCD monitors with a full complement of 16:9 LCDs, including both 1080p and 720p models. Those range from the 23.6-inch G2410HD and 24-inch G2411HD/HDA, which each boast an Advanced Motion Accelerator that BenQ says improves response time and brightness, to the decidedly smaller 15.6-inch G610HDA and 18.5-inch G910HD/HDA models, which use a dual lamp system to conserve energy depending on the level of brightness needed. Complete specs on each model are otherwise a bit light, but you can apparently expect dynamic contrast ratios ranging from 10,000:1 to 40,000:1, response times of 2ms to 5ms, and DVI, HDMI ports, and built-in speakers on a few of 'em. No word on prices either, but they'll apparently start hitting China this month, with a "worldwide" rollout planned for later in the year.

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