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Big changes headed to TF2, Xbox update still in the works


In a fairly exhaustive article from The Escapist, a few details regarding the future of Team Fortress 2 have been revealed. As players might expect, class updates -- akin to the previous updates to the Medic, Heavy and Pyro classes -- are foremost on the list. Specifically, the Scout is the next up for tweaking. Other updates include a new map for the Payload game type and possibly even an entirely new game type, which the article refers to as "very different."

Sadly, the article doesn't detail when (or if) these updates will ever make it to the ailing Xbox version. Perhaps tellingly, the article refers to the upcoming 360 update, which is set to include all the PC updates released so far, as one of "a number of side projects" Valve is currently working on.

[Via Joystiq]

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