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Windows Mobile 6.5 gets installed, shown off on crotchety old HTC hardware?

Chris Ziegler

Historically, major Windows Mobile releases have a track record of leaking out ahead of their official announcements. Actually, they don't just have a track record of getting leaked -- they have a track record of getting installed on legacy hardware, and it looks like WinMo 6.5 may be no different. An intrepid poster over at xda-developers has thrown up files and instructions for getting a build of 6.5 (seemingly, anyway) on an old-school HTC Blue Angel of all things, a device that dates all the way back to 2004 and the early days of this very site. We can't verify that this is actually 6.5 and not just some semi-slick skin heaped over 6.1, but the fact that we really can't tell should be just a little alarming to Microsoft if this is seriously what they plan to unveil next month. Follow the break for a blast from HTC's past running a glimpse of Redmond's future, and while you're at it, dig your Siemens SX66 out of the attic.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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