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WoW Insider declares Patch 3.0.8 a 'disaster'

Michael Zenke

What should have been a joyous occasion (the first big patch since Wrath of the Lich King launched) has turned into something bad. Like, just this side of "watching footage of the burning Hindenburg while Ride of the Valkyries plays and someone recites Thus Spoke Zarathustra" bad. We just discussed the fact that Arenas have been closed on the live servers, but there are a lot of other problems that have World of Warcraft players (rightfully) up in arms. The most vicious of these bugs was undoubtedly the Lake Wintergrasp glitch - one that literally made WoW unplayable for some time earlier today. The developers hotfixed a patch out that stopped the hard crashes, but there are still many, many frustrations facing players used to a high quality product from the Blizzard developers.

"Unbearable" lag, disconnects during raid fights, high-level class imbalances, graphical bugs ... the list goes on. Our sister site is even frustratedly noting that longstanding bugs slated to be fixed with this patch simply weren't ... and the bugs weren't even addressed in the patch notes the way you'd have expected. Read on through to WoW Insider's post about these issues for the full list and their frustrated request for better Quality Assurance in the future. Here at Massively we definitely hope you WoW players soon return to the polished product we all know Blizzard is capable of. In the meantime, let us know. What the heck do you think went wrong this time?

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