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H.A.W.X. to set foundation for eventual Tom Clancy MMO?

Kyle Horner

Ever since Ubisoft purchased the Tom Clancy property we've known that an MMO was in the works. Now, with news that the Clancy teams all talking amongst one another in order to work towards a cohesive world, we've got a little more information on how it's all going to happen. The whole cohesive deal is apparently starting with the "extreme" sounding H.A.W.X., but would ideally continue into other titles. On top of that Ubisoft acquired Massive Entertainment last November, who are best known for creating World in Conflict.

So how does all this fit together? Well, Ubisoft is most definitely interested in enterting the MMO space. They wasted no time in tapping Massive Entertainment for MMO projects, and these guys certainly have experience with Clancy-like worlds thanks to their time spent on developing World in Conflict. The whole affair has us just oozing with intrigue about what's in the works for the near and slightly-less-so future.

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