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Kunio's Super Collection of Hot-Blooded Big Athletic Meet Screens


Would you like to know what the sports are in the new multi-event Kunio sports game? Of course you would! We're going to pretend that the cool reception that met Super Dodgeball Brawlers didn't happen, and the world is exhibiting the correct and expected frothing demand for a new Kunio sports game from Million.

Three of the new sports look like a return to the events found in the first Famicom multievent game, Nekketsu Koushin Kyoku: Soreyuke Dai Undoukai: the obstacle course, in a room full of traps; the free-roaming triathlon that takes the kids through town, climbing buildings and crossing rivers; and, of course, the fighting tournament. New to the series is some kind of treasure-hunting game, in which players compete to hoard the most random junk. New screens of all of the games, highlighting the pretty unfortunate 3D, can be found at Famitsu.

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