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Onechanbara: the sitcom


Okay, we aren't sure who D3 is after with these live-action Onechanbara ads. They're corny, but at the same time approach an uncomfortable level of (implied) lasciviousness. Well, we say we aren't sure, but we have a pretty good idea. We've seen enough Spike TV to know how companies think they should advertise to dudes. It's kind of a good thing for them we're already interested in Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers.

The newest trailer seems to violate the rules of the world set up in the previous trailers. In other ads, zombies live normal lives and act pretty much like people, but humans hate them anyway. In this trailer ... the humans don't really seem to hate him. And that's the most analysis anyone will ever apply to these ads! Enjoy after the break.

We're glad to see D3 getting so much mileage out of that one fake arm, by the way.

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