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Around Azeroth: Missed the boat


I guess discrimination against Death Knights doesn't end after the vendors stop throwing fruit and trying to lynch you. Dolohov of <Court of the Ruby Grail> on Maelstrom was simply riding around trying to get his World Explorer achievement when he was unceremoniously ejected from Ratchet. Unable to go back on shore or board the boat, he had no choice but to huddle on some overturned cargo until his hearthstone was up. Luckily, Frost Presence managed to help stave off hypothermia. Next time you go hang out in a major city, Dolohov, may I suggest some Engineering goggles? They hide those creepy blue eyes quite well.

(Actually, Dolohov just snapped this shot while taking a shortcut from Ratchet to Tanaris via Path of Frost. Thanks for the submission, Dolohov!)

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