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Battlefield Heroes beta rolling back into action

Jason Dobson

Things have been quiet on Battlefield Heroes' front lines since Electronic Arts first called for a ceasefire last November, halting the game's release and sending scores of pastel-colored grunts back to their bunks. Now EA has reopened beta sign-ups, giving the boys in green another chance to enlist.

Still, it's unknown how many players will be admitted into the beta, and greenhorns eager to taste the free-to-play shooter's cartoon action could be left in their barracks. Seasoned vets, however, will get first dibs, and do not need to get back in line, as any players who were already in the beta or had previously signed up will automatically receive an invite to report for duty. As for when soldiers can expect the call to action, EA is saying only to watch for more announcements in the "coming weeks."

[Via Massively]

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