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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings swings onto Wii, DS in Spring 2009

Ross Miller

A trailer for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings has popped up online. Watch as Indy gets thrown through a window, escapes floods, uses a whip, steals an amulet, and runs away from gunfire -- all without ever losing his trademark fedora. Yep, all in a day's work.

According to the video, it's coming Spring 2009 for Wii, DS, and an unidentified PlayStation console (it's already been rated for PSP and we know Wii games often see a PS2 port). This is great, LucasArts. Really ... but any chance of getting an Indy game in the vein of Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb on 360 and PS3?

Oh, it all makes sense now: IGN's rumor; the vague response. Sounds to us like that project won't ever see the light of day, while Staff of Kings is LucasArts' "commitment" to the franchise. Is it possible to miss something that was never released?

[Via Mixnmojo]

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