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Joystiq announcement: change is coming

For the last several months we've been working on an ambitious plan to restructure the Joystiq Network and create a better Joystiq, and we're finally ready to share those plans with you.

Here's how we're doing it: Beginning early next week, we'll be launching an all new design. But it's not just a new look. We'll also be launching 3 new "spokes" of the main site by moving our Fanboy blogs under the Joystiq domain. and will become; and will become; and will become

The old Fanboy domains will redirect readers to the new spokes which – like the Fanboy sites – will have a platform-specific look and feel. The majority of the posts on each spoke will also be specific to that site; however, we will now have the ability to push posts across the four Joystiq sites. So important Nintendo-specific news can be pushed to the main page ("Nintendo buys moon, builds Super Mario Galaxy theme park") while less urgent, but no less entertaining, news will live on just the spoke ("Samus-shaped potato chip signals Nintendo's snack market move"). "Fanboy" readers get the same niche experience, while Joystiq readers get the same curated coverage they've come to expect for the last four years.

Now, before you get nervous or conflate the move with the recent – and depressing – string of media closures and layoffs, I want to assure you that this move is strictly editorial in nature: we're building a better Joystiq. We're actually bolstering existing freelance relationships while bringing on new full-time talent to the 'stiq: as our first full-time developer, Justin Glow is helping us build everything, while former PlayStation Fanboy lead Andrew Yoon joins us in a new full-time editorial position. With the new team and the new focus, Joystiq is positioned to bring you even better coverage in 2009, and I hope you're as excited about that prospect as I am.

We'll offer a full tour of the new site when we launch next week, but wanted to give you an opportunity to ask questions now. We'll do our best to answer them in the comments.

Christopher Grant

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