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New dungeon, PvP options coming to Age of Conan

Michael Zenke

With the server merges slated for Age of Conan complete, Funcom can now turn their full development attention to bug fixes and new content for their violent fantasy title. A brand new Director's Letter from Craig Morrison has outlined new shinies that are coming to Hyborea very soon - so soon they're already on the test server. The biggest chunk of newness has to be the Xibaluku dungeon. It's a six person instance aimed at level 80 players, and located in Thunder River. The "goal" of the dungeon for the developers was to create a dynamic encounter that is eminently replayable. Depending on a given run-through, the locale might contain up to a dozen boss encounters. "Some of the bosses may even appear with different abilities or in different forms across different visits! I also say 'up to' a dozen because not all the bosses may appear on any given single play through."

The other big focus for the next content drop focuses on PvP. Battlekeeps will now require new resources harvested from the Border Kingdoms to expand. The designers hope to focus open world PvP into these areas, giving PvP guilds not only specific areas to skirmish over, but also allowing them the opportunity to thwart their foes. They're also introducing a new signup process for the PvP mini-games that should be joining and enjoying that content easier than ever. Read through to the full letter for all the details.

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