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HD channel expansion roundup

Darren Murph

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly HD channel expansion roundup. Rather than peppering new high-def channels, HD newscast introductions and channel expansions throughout the week, we're consolidating 'em right here to make things a bit simpler on everyone. This week, the biggest announcement was the addition of Comedy Central HD and Sportsman Channel HD on DirecTV. In less national news, we've found that GVTC customers in Texas can soon expect World Fishing Network HD, while Comcast subscribers in Galesburg, East Galesburg and Knoxville will be treated to a new helping of on-demand material as well as FOX News HD, FX HD and SPEED HD. Finally, the great state of Mississippi will get its first local newscast in high-def when WTVA makes the switch next month. The read links below are where the details are.

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