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    VIZIO's 32-inch VO32LF LCD HDTV reviewed: not bad, not bad at all

    Darren Murph

    You know what's tough? Finding a 30- to 35-inch HDTV that's actually worth owning. VIZIO's hoping to fill that gap with the 1080p VO32LF, a 32-inch LCD that just checked into CNET's labs. This here display takes the place of the CES 2008 announced VO32L, and for all intents and purposes, performance was pretty much the same. That said, reviewers appreciated the "accurate grayscale and primary color," the abundance of picture controls and the "generous connectivity suite" that included a trio of HDMI sockets and a single PC input. The only real knocks were on its below-average uniformity and off-angle viewing, but even those negatives didn't stop it from being called "one of the better small-screen LCDs." And at just $599 (MSRP), that just might be good enough to warranty a buy.

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