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Comparing and contrasting Champions Online and DC Universe Online

Brooke Pilley

It's a common trend for fans and the industry to compare like-genre MMORPGs but it's unlikely that any two games stack up as well against each other as Champions Online by Cryptic Studios and DC Universe Online by Sony Online Entertainment. They both feature playable super heroes with customizable powers. They both have stylized graphics. They are both supported by strong IPs. And perhaps most importantly, they are both scheduled to launch sometime within the next year or so.

On the surface, it may be difficult to look past their similarities, however, that is just what the MMO Crunch blog is trying to do. This can be challenging because there isn't a lot of solid information to go on given that they're still both in beta and quite far away from release. We here at Massively have also done some in-depth research to figure out what makes each of these comic book themed games tick. See our extensive coverage of Champions Online and then hop on over to catch up on our trip to Metropolis in DC Universe Online.

Is there room for two more MMOs in the super hero niche currently dominated by City of Heroes? Depending on how each game differentiates themselves from the other, we think so. Ultimately, we may end up with a Civil War as both sides battle for supremacy. Which one would you root for?

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