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Microsoft won't disclose full extent of job cuts

Justin McElroy

After Microsoft laid off around 1,400 workers last week, we've been scrambling trying to figure out the full extent of the cuts, based on scattered reports and Twitter feeds. And, after reading an email we received from Microsoft, it seems that's going to continue to be the way we get our layoff updates.

A spokesperson for the company told us: "We are not disclosing the number of impacted employees or specific divisions, other than what was contained in the earnings release and email from Steve Ballmer. Xbox LIVE remains to be a major focus area for IEB. No aspects of the service will be negatively affected by Thursday's announcement. Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE had its biggest year ever and these changes are not directly related to the performance of the business. The realignments of headcount are directly intended to strengthen the Xbox 360 platform and align resources with key strategic initiatives, including Xbox LIVE."

So, in short, we're not going to be getting much more info from Microsoft. We do have to say though, considering all the nice, helpful people that have recently lost their gigs, that last sentence is pretty icy.

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