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Mythic hinting at possible 'Death Night' live event in February?

Kyle Horner

Another round of mysterious packages have been sent to the Warhammer Online blogging community, but this time it's not about additional classes -- oh no, this time it's personal. As in it's something of a personal ad sent by those blood-obsessed individuals known as Witch Elves. Rainbow MMO was the lucky recipient of this not-so-subtle hint at something happening in the second week of February, and of course it didn't take long for others to get in on the action as well.

The prominent guess by the fellows over at Wizards & Wenches is all of this is related to an official Dark Elf holiday called Death Night. This would be an evening where Witch Elves go crazy, pulling anyone off the street and sacrificing them to their dark god. Some of these crazed death-worshipers even go so far as to raid people's homes, which is why many Dark Elves board up their doors and windows in fear of being witch-napped.

Assuming this is landing on Valentines day (second week in February) and that Mythic is all about embracing the horror and "awesomosity" of the Warhammer IP, we'd wager that the Death Night guess is a pretty good bet.
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