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The new Joystiq: harder, better, faster, stronger


Sure, we all love gadgets, but sometimes you've got to put the phone / GPS / laptop / USB whack-a-mole down and turn your attention to more pressing matters, like video games. That's where our main dudes at Joystiq come into play. If you don't already know, the site has gotten roughly one million times more killer, as they've recently undergone a major redesign, and have pulled all of those fanboy sites you know and love (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo) into one insane party... but still managed to keep the separate parties going too. Confused? Don't be -- Joystiq is now not only a robust pool of curated sister-site and original content, but it can be switched over into three (aforementioned) separate streams of news, so you can still keep your eyes on the info you're after. Personally, we love the new look and feel, and we're fairly confident when you see it, your brain will go flying out of the front of your head. So... what are you waiting for? Get over there!

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