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World of Warcraft meets Jimmy Fallon, with Felicia Day

James Egan

Fans of Felicia Day, rejoice! Our sister site WoW Insider picked up on The Guild star's next step into mass media consciousness. Conan O' Brien's Late Night successor, Jimmy Fallon, recently did a video for NBC with Felicia Day about World of Warcraft. The video starts off as an interview of sorts, but eventually depicts Fallon's painfully noobish (but pretty funny) attempts to get into WoW, but we suppose that he's mostly trying to get a rise out of people. Still, we suspect that Fallon may pull aggro from some of the more dedicated WoW players out there.

Even if it's done with comedic overtones, it's interesting to see MMOs becoming increasingly part of mainstream media and entertainment. Obviously, it's generally WoW that makes the leap from gamer subculture to the all-encompassing spotlight of major TV networks, but do you think any other MMO out there could potentially hold such broad appeal? You can see what we're talking about below the cut, in the embedded video.

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