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PSP & PS3 filters now active on Joystiq PlayStation


Many of you were shocked by our redesign. Where's PS3 Fanboy? Where's PSP Fanboy? Many of you demanded we give you the option to filter stories by platform ... OR ELSE. Well, it's finally ready!

You'll now notice a PS3 and PSP button at the top of the screen. Click on either one of those and you'll be magically transported into a world that looks like the new site, but feels exactly like the Fanboy sites you've known and loved. Want PSP stories? Click the tab, and you won't have to see a single PS2 or PS3 story at all. Want PS3 stories? You know what to do.

But wait there's more! Going to the old or URLs will redirect you to these new platform-specific pages. That way, you won't have to get rid of your old bookmarks (I still use to get to this site). Long live PS Fanboy! Our platform RSS feeds are now live:

PSP-only feed

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