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CubeCheater solves that Rubik's Cube for you


As we know from the iPhone television commercials, if there's something you need to do, there's an app for that. And so apparently, if the thing you want to do is solve a Rubik's Cube, then yes, there is an app for that. CubeCheater will help you quickly solve a Rubik's Cube -- all you do is punch in the colors on your cube right now, and then you get directions, complete with rotating graphics, on what steps to take to solve the cube.

It's not built from scratch -- the app uses an algorithm already developed for solving the Cube -- but it does take advantage of a surprising amount of the iPhone's features. You can draw the colors on the virtual cube yourself, or even take a picture of your cube's sides and the app will recognize where the colors are. The latest update adds support for non-standard cubes, so if the colors aren't quite the same on your cube as on the screen, you can change things around.

Impressive, even if it is a little limited in practicality. It's in the App Store right now for 99 cents. Obviously, the point of a Rubik's Cube is solving it yourself. And if you really want to cheat, you don't need an iPhone. Just do what I do: take the little stickers off and replace them in the right places.

[via Cult of Mac]

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