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[1.Local]: Of Baby Spice and free stuff from guys


Reader comments – ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

(Baby) Spice, spice, baby
Readers seem to have cooked up a satisfying solution to the problem of thoughtless creeps who park their mounts atop summoning stones, flight masters and other necessities, blocking them from use. "LOL, whenever I see a giant Tauren on his Humongous Impressive War Mammoth parked on the Dalaran flight master, it's Baby Spice to the rescue," giggles Euphronius. "Nothing more hilarious than seeing him reduced to the size of a Great Dane."


Over the moon
So how many Elders have you visited so far this year? The Lunar Festival is one of those events that offers something for players of all stripes. Normyk certainly found his own niche: "I'm a very casual player (went to Northrend for a couple of skillups, and that's it so far) and I still find a lot for me in this one. The rep is a really nice thing, since one of the stupid things I want to do is get my Ambassador achievement (Exalted with darn and getting close on the others) and there is the added benefit of getting about to all corners of the world (that I can get to). It might even get me to set foot in a dungeon for a change. It's fun stuff and shouldn't be considered to be bad for casuals just because it isn't really possible for some of them to get all of the achievements involved. As it does with so many things, a lot of it comes down to play style and what a person likes to do."

WoW Insider's "excrutiatingly casual" Horde guild, It Came from the Blog, on Saturday, Jan. 31 at 6 p.m. Eastern (3 p.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. server time) on Zangarmarsh server, for a Lunar Festival party including a group trip to Moonglade and a visit with a few Elders.

Got wood?
A story about Simple Wood with 111 comments? Wait ... what? It seems that the good folks in [1.Local] just can't hide their love for the wood. "This could turn fires into a good way to mark positioning on bosses," muses Kuroyume. "For example, imagine marking the spots where you have to go when learning Heigan by putting a fire... It's a true raiding revolution! Now we're gonna have to run TO the fire instead of away from it!"

We suppose anything's possible.

Lost in the crowd control
Bringing back more crowd control in instances evoked strong feelings in readers this week. While many players appreciate quicker, cc-less instance runs, others miss the need for care and the risk of a bad pull. "In BC, I led a lot of five-man PuGs and enjoyed the challenge of marking up groups and successfully executing clean pulls," writes Willow. "I also enjoyed the chaos of a pull gone wrong that needed to be saved with timely CC. Shadow Labs in particular had some interesting pulls.

"In Wrath, I don't ever lead. I pass leader to the tank, he marks one mob and I spam my AoE. While it is 'fast,' it isn't nearly skillful. Chaos almost never breaks out. Just doesn't really make you glad you rolled a particular class. While I appreciate the time savings, I do think something has been lost."

Do you miss your lucky charms?

Is it true chicks get free stuff?
Deep inside the comments of this post about speaking up (or not) in a group, we finally discovered a player who admits getting free stuff just for being a girl. "I am paid gold to talk on Vent," states LytLady. "That is right. I am paid gold. Unfortunately, it is not for my wisdom, nor for my game play. It is because of my voice. I have 'one of those voices.'

"I play Horde, but our sister Alliance guild shares the same Vent. Recently, we have had a few more Alliance players concentrating on their Horde 'toons, and my abandoned Ally 'toon receiving gifts in her mail. I find it humorous.

"I rarely speak anymore, especially during an instance or raid, just cause it causes trouble. Though I love listening in on raid/instance channels ( for info on the event), I rarely do it anymore unless it is ok with the rest of the group. I have been the cause of two recent wipes because the guys were too distracted, LOL. Thank goodness they were Alliance guild wipes. Both GMs find it quite hilarious, so I am safe for now."

But are we safe from her?

Finally, we end this week's edition with a link from a reader. "Thought you might find this interesting," wrote old WI friend Badger on his tip: a neat little post on how to be a better commenter. (What more appropriate for [1.Local]?). Indeed, we do find it interesting, Badge ... Indeed we do.

Until next week!

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