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Nissan turns to technology to keep folks from driving the wrong way


As is becoming increasingly clear, Nissan seems to be intent on having cars do everything short of drive themselves, and it's now taking yet another step in that direction with a proposed system that would prevent drivers from going the wrong way. While it's all still in the planning stages at the moment, the system would apparently make use of a cellular-connected GPS unit that would not only be able to be able to warn the driver if they're headed into the wrong lane, but alert them if they should be slowing down on a downhill stretch, or if they're approaching an area prone to congestion. There's not much else in the way of details just yet, unfortunately, but Nissan has apparently enlisted the help of the West Nippon Expressway Co. (or West NEXCO), and it's promising to demo the system for the press as soon as they have something ready.

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