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Runes of Magic announces a new dungeon, "Cyclops Stronghold"


Frogster Interactive's free-to-play title Runes of Magic has announced the brand new level 50 dungeon "Cyclops Stronghold," and a brand new addition of a new instanced cave system that leads into the new dungeon.

Runes of Magic is still in open beta, but certainly coming along nicely with its updates. The new dungeon centers around the cyclops King Uguda and his generals and assistants. One of the boss battles includes cyclops soldier trainer Instructor Boddosch, right as he's training some of the new cyclops recruits in the art of combat. Later battles include disrupting officers, fighting the generals, and challenging the extremely quick and strong cyclops king to an intense battle.

The usual rewards apply here, as the developers have promised that Uguda will be dropping some pretty impressive loot, as well as offering a strategic challenge to any level 50s interesting in engaging in the new content. Ten Ton Hammer has the press release, check it out.

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