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World of Goo publisher files for bankruptcy

GameDaily BIZ has learned that family-friendly publisher, Brighter Minds, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 28. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the publisher to remain in control of its business as it makes organizational changes, unlike chapter 7, which would mean a complete liquidation of its assets. In July 2008, Brighter Minds launched its own online games portal,

Recently the Ohio-based company published the critically acclaimed and award-winning World of Goo from developer 2D Boy. Winner of the IGF award for Design Innovation and Technical Excellence, World of Goo recently made NPD Top 10 sales list for the week ending January 17. The NPD listing was a surprise, considering World of Goo designer Ron Carmel revealed the game to have staggering 90% piracy rate in November. Those damn dirty pirates!

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