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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is addicted to branding

We're thrilled with our newly settled-upon logo (courtesy of SideScroller's El Verde) -- unfortunately, it has inspired within us a terrible avarice for methods to make this feature more mainstream-friendly. Seriously, folks -- we've developed an insatiable jones for branding. If we don't get a theme song, T-shirt design, public broadcasting program, direct mail campaign and series of action figures soon, we're going to get a powerful case of the shakes, and that's going to make typing extremely difficultaagninrhfaerebr

Thanks to everyone for your submissions to this week's lineup! You know the drill -- seven comics follow this paragraph, a poll (for choosing your favorite comic) is after the jump, and the comments section (for telling us what we left off the list) is below that. You could keep scrolling further down, but eventually you'll reach some stuff that has very little to do with gaming-centric webcomics, which will probably just end up confusing you.

That Empty Feeling (VG Cats)
Works for Anything (Digital Unrest)
The Metal with the Broadest Shoulders (SideScroller)
Water Under the Bridge (Dipswitch)
The House of Miyamoto #11 (Hsu & Chan)
Dark Prophecy (EXTRALIFE)
Rejected Countdown Pages (Burn the Internet)


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