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Cool Stuff for Sunday, Volume 1


Here's our new weekly feature, Cool Stuff for Sunday (a pretty straightforward name, we think). Here, we'll highlight some of the cool things we couldn't get to during the rest of the week.

Hitler responds to Killzone 2 reviews (NSFW)
[Thanks, johnnynumber5!]

The first reviews of Killzone 2 are in! And someone's not too happy about them. This subtitled Hitler film is a common internet meme, but we can't help but grin every time we watch this. Watch out, tons of foul language!.

What would Gran Turismo 6 look like?
[Thanks, Omni_Noesis!]

Yes, we know Gran Turismo 5 isn't even out yet. But, GT Planet has found a gorgeous sample of what GT6 could look like on a system that's more powerful than the PS3. You definitely want to check out their images.

Fan-made portable PSone

If for some reason, you want something even fancier than a PSP, you may want to build this portable PSone system from Bacteria. This project took 3 months to create, so definitely check it out.

Killzone 2 "Super Bowl" ad
[Thanks, Bryan!]

Americans are going to be glued to the TVs, watching the Super Bowl. The football finals usually debut big-budget ads from high-profile companies. This "ad" for Killzone 2 won't air during the Super Bowl, but it gives you a good idea of what it would've looked like ... if SCEA bothered to spend money.

Weekly Trophy Portal update

Well, that marks the end of our first ever Cool Stuff for Sunday. Let me know what you think of this feature -- is it keeper? How can we improve it?

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