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NV's Lifestyle does free-to-air TV, is inspired by the cosmos


While Australia's NV might not win awards for website with fewest flashing stars and streaking comets, they seem to have a pretty feature-packed handset in the Lifestyle. This flip's screen rotates for the built-in digital free-to-air TV receiver, can record said programming -- though we've no idea about quality or limits -- triple-band GSM, FM stereo radio, 3.1 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a host of software apps. The Lifestyle also touts itself as 3G / Next G compatible, while we've no clue if that means it does, can, or will support 3G, we do see it's ringing in at $549 (roughly $350) and are almost willing to throw caution to the wind to find out. That's right, almost.

[Via PC Authority]

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