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Exploring the diverse armor of Aion

Shawn Schuster

As if we needed another reason to be excited for NCsoft's Aion, a recent dev article gives us some info on the diversity of armor in the fantasy MMO. This article explains how NCsoft realizes the importance of distinctive armor and the distinctions of setting your character apart from everyone else. As an example, they show the same character (a female Ranger) sporting several sets of armor in various poses.

While this is simply a brief sample of the armor sets that will be available in the game when it launches later this year, it's inspiring to know just how freaking gorgeous it will be. Even compared to the way the game looked in its first public showings at PAX and the Leipzig Games Convention last year, it seems to be improving every time we see it. Be sure to read the entire dev article for several more screenshots and more on the diversity of armor in Aion.

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