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FCC Acting Chairman acknowledges seamless DTV switch isn't happening, sets open meeting for February 5


Saying what everyone else has already likely figured out, acting FCC Chairman Mike Copps recently issued a statement to the FCC Advisory committee indicating there is no way we can possibly have a seamless switch to digital TV broadcasts, whether it ends up delayed or not, but that we could definitely use the extra time to get ready. At least according to him, now that he's had a chance to take a look, things are even worse than they appeared, although the benefits will, in time, be worth it. You already know the deal, that many people will lose reception even with DTV compatible equipment, among other problems that required more preparation over the last several years. As it is, until something changes they're still girding for a switch this month, and the FCC will hold an open Commission meeting on the 5th with the aim of providing more information on the subject. Check out the read links for the PDFs, does that change your mind about a possible delay?

Read - Remarks of Acting Chairman Copps to the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee.
Read - FCC To Hold Open Commission Meeting Thursday, February 5, 2009.

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