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Galactrix coming to PC on Feb. 24, XBLA date unconfirmed


The stars are pointing to an almost simultaneous release of Puzzle Quest Galactrix on DS, PC and XBLA; currently, the Xbox 360 version is the only one not "officially" confirmed. GamerBytes noticed earlier today that listed a February 24 release date for the RPG puzzle title. The page is, as of this writing, still live with the date. Of course, a problem with that release date is that it marks a Tuesday ... which doesn't really fit in with that whole Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday thing. Oh yeah, also, it says "2/24/2008," which would be last year.

Publisher Aspyr has confirmed the Feb. 24 PC release date, which follows the confirmation of the DS date a couple of weeks ago. By Grabthar's hammer, we hope Galactrix hits that Wednesday. We'd rather avoid another six-month wait like we endured with the original Puzzle Quest.

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