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Cryptic Studios tweeting from New York Comic Con

James Egan

Among the MMO developers who will be at this year's New York Comic Con is Cryptic Studios, who are producing the much-anticipated titles Champions Online and Star Trek Online. Their studio's site announced that they'll be using Twitter at NYCC, so those of you out there who can't make the trip to New York (or simply aren't willing to deal with the East Coast winter) can follow what they're doing or announcing at their booth, and of course during the panels. The main twitters coming from Cryptic Studios are through, but other members of the studio's team can be obsessively monitored as well:

  • CrypticZinc
  • Cryptic_chrono
  • CrypticAwen
  • CrypticFireCait
Remotely stalking your favorite devs has never been easier! But if you're in town, you can check out the Cryptic Meet and Greet at NYCC on Saturday, February 7th, between 1pm and 2pm EST.

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