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Scott Jennings puts a cap on the whole "Fixing MMOs" thing

Brooke Pilley

One of the greatest things about blogging is when an interesting back-and-forth conversation takes place across multiple blogs discussing the same topic. Blogger A makes an interesting post. Blogger B responds with his own slant. Blogger C leads the discussion in a new direction. And then Blogger B comes back around and puts a cap on it all. In this case, Tom Chick pointed out five things that are broken with MMOs (interesting because he doesn't really like MMOs). Scott Jennings responded by saying not all MMOs are WoW. Tim Dean then supported Tom's original statements, offering ten ways to fix MMOs. Now Scott has come back around to comment on Tim's list from a game developer's perspective.

Normally this wouldn't seem like a big deal, but you must consider the vast amount of combined industry experience all three parties have. Oh, and their points are actually pretty darn good too. You should check out this ongoing saga and weigh in on the conversation by adding a comment on any of their blogs. That's another great thing about this media platform.

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