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More Rolando rolling out in 2009


Hand Circus's Rolando is one of the iPhone's breakout hits (IGN called it the iPhone's "killer app" in their review), so it's no surprise that the developer would want to follow up the Loco Roco-esque puzzle-platformer in some way. Creator Simon Oliver told Pocket Gamer that plans are in the works for more Rolando content of some kind.

"I can't say too much about this now, but you'll see some more activity on the Rolando front in 2009," Oliver said, "and I've got a couple of new game ideas bubbling away at concept stage right now."

This could mean some kind of new version of the first game with added content, or a sequel, or even a game on another platform -- although Rolando's success on the iPhone platform will probably inspire Oliver to stay there. Whatever the details of the content, this is great news for people who like rolling little circular guys around.

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