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One Page of Apps: 16 random reviews part 4


[Note: all links to apps go to the App Store]

iDoodz - $1.99
Remember WeeWorld? Yeah, that's basically what this is, minus the game parts. Well, that's what it looks like. Dress up a little doll -- that's what you do. To be fair, I tried the Lite version, but the full version allows you to send cards of your little "dood." There are more things to dress up your guy or gal as well, but the function is the same: paper dolls 2.0. It's a cute diversion for the little ones or the easily amused. Is it worth $1.99? I don't know, as I rarely have a need to send my friends crazy miniature drawings. But if that is something you're looking for, this will hook you up.

Decibel - $.99
I've had this on my iPhone for months now, meaning to review it when it first came out. I realize there are lots of audio meters out there, but for some reason this has stuck. I like the interface -- it just simulates that of a real audio meter. I like the responsiveness as well. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing how accurate it is, not having access to a real audio meter. I also understand that the 1st-gen iPhone's built-in speaker isn't as accurate as the 3G, although the headphone/mic is supposed to help. All I know is that I like what it does, and it seems to do that reasonably well. It's also priced to move at $.99.

Amnesia - $.99
For those of you seeking the old text adventure, this isn't it. Instead, it's a version of another classic game: Simon. There are tons of versions of Simon on the store, but I like this one best. It's simple as can be, and the big, bright buttons work for old and young alike. If you're looking for a Simon simulator, this is your best bet, I think. What is it about these games that are so compelling?

Darkroom - $.99
This app used to be called Steadycam, but I'm guessing the makers of the camera-stabilizing apparatus of similar name weren't pleased. Pity, as that's what this does: it stabilizes your image in low-light conditions. Sort of. There's a little meter/bar under your photo as you try to take it. Darkroom has this meter fill up when you stabilize the image enough for it to grab a shot. Does it work? Mostly, yeah. When it is able to stabilize (or, you are), the pics are clearer than using the built-in Camera app. The full version (I tested Lite) includes a timer feature and fullscreen shutter mode, both of which sound handy. At $.99, if you tend to be in dark rooms or clubs and want to use your iPhone camera (since there's no flashbulb), this does the trick.

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