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Jack Thompson writes bill for Utah, tries new angle


Shockingly, Jack Thompson still has people who'll listen to him, as the disbarred former attorney has gained some traction in his crusade against video games in Utah. State Rep. Mike Morley (R) has presented a new bill, written by Thompson, which hits retailers with false advertising charges for selling mature games or films to minors. A previous Thompson-written bill in Utah failed.

Speaking with a lobbyist familiar with media content issues, GamePolitics notes that this new bill, along with the state of Utah, is a little different than the last time Thompson tried his shenanigans. Even with Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's support of the game industry, the conservative wing of the Utah legislature has recently been reinforced and could pass a bill that might pass judicial review. However, as always, we know the ESA's lawyers are sharpening their knives and getting excited about all those billable hours if Utah passes anything. If the past is any indication, the ESA will win and Utah taxpayers will foot the bill.

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