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Video: Honda Insight's Eco Assist nags like a backseat hippie


Honda's new 5-passenger "Insight" hybrid just went on sale in Japan. The ¥1,890,000 (about $20,750) hatchback's 1.3l i-VTEC engine with Integrated Motor Assist features Honda's new Ecological Assist system that helps correct your wasteful driving habits. Eco Assist features an ECON mode (via dashboard button) that adjusts the engine output to conserve energy and increases regenerative recharging during deceleration. It also features Guidance and Scoring modes that adjust the background color of the speedometer and presents more (or less) leaves on the dashboard multi-information display to reflect your current level of fuel efficiency. The idea is simple: as your driving "improves" both your bank account and the environment will benefit. The Insight is expected to make its way to your local amber waves of grain or purple mountain majesty dealership in April, Europe in March. Skip ahead to 1:40 in the video posted after the break for the full Eco Assist rundown.

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