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Forum post of the day: Raid timers (poll)

Amanda Dean

Today's forum post of the day serves a dual purpose: it brings up issues with raid timers and it demonstrates how not to make friends and influence people on the forums. Our hot-headed friend Phearing of Silver Hand is a mighty bit miffed that he zoned into a 10-man Vault run only to find that there were no mobs there. He was saved to the instance, and thus does not get another shot at it until the raid timer resets.

Nubbyzor of Whisperwind quickly pointed out that if the raid leader is saved to the instance you join their raid ID. This has happened since the dawn of raid timers. People have been mislead into joining raids in progress and cannot get a second shot at a heroic if their group is under par. Heroics aren't really a big deal, if your group fails, you can try again tomorrow. It's lame, but it's only one day. The week-long timer on raids makes this a little bit harder to swallow.

The original poster insists, in a rather unpleasant manner, that this happens because Blizzard is too cheap to invest in additional content and raid timers keep people from progressing too quickly. I'd like to think it has more to do with allowing groups to go back to the dungeon over several days instead of a single marathon session. It also could be something about throttling progression so that guilds don't gear up overnight. In any case raid timers can be a problem, especially for PUGgers. While you can check the armory for PUG members to assess your chances, there is no way that I know of to check someone's raid timer.

This brings us to our poll:

As for how to make make friends and influence people on the forums:
1. Don't insult someone who is agreeing with you.
2. If you insist on insulting people, be creative in your verbiage "go pee in a cup" gets old fast.
3. Don't be a troll.
4. If you're going to be a troll, which I don't recommend, check your spelling. It will be the first thing that gets called out.
5. Pay attention to the content of responses, there may be something insightful there.

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