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The Daily Grind: How important is cross-platform play?

After reading the recent interview between Tracey John of MTV Multiplayer and DC Universe Online developers Wes Yanagi and Jens Andersen, we're left with the impression that bringing the PS3 and PC players to the same servers may be unlikely. There's some legit concerns there, with PC players leaning towards text chat at first, and console players going straight for VOIP, but the question would be - how badly would this hurt the two sides? Some of the more successful console MMOs such as FFXI and Phantasy Star Universe have cross-platform play. Others do not, and while they maintain a community - it seems to be a smaller one on the whole, with any new players often struggling to find anyone - much less an entire group.

This morning we thought we'd ask - how important do you feel is cross-platform play to you? Would you, if you liked the game, prefer to play on your PC, or on the console? If you've played Final Fantasy XI or Phantay Star Universe, do you find yourself avoiding anyone using the PC version due to typing vs VOIP? For that matter, if you're on the PC version, do you avoid those who don't type? Should the server types be separated, or should they find a way to bridge the gap?

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