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Newest Champions Online video is all out of bubblegum

Kyle Horner

Cryptic is on a roll with these trailers of their MMOs coming out of the New York Comic-con. Where the new Star Trek Online video showed us the power of it's character customization, this new Champions Online trailer gets nice and cinematic while showing off just how far the game's visuals and audio design has come. Also, it's hard not to love an armadillo-themed villain and his massive scaled armor.

A few things immediately discernible: Animations are looking exceptionally smooth, while the lighting and graphic effects are all being used in just the right amount -- not too much or too little. Lastly, we dug the short rock tune, which hopefully is a prime example of what to expect from the entire soundtrack.

While this is all very wonderful, we've still yet to see straight-up gameplay look this amazing. And really, if this sort of trailer can be whipped up with the in-game engine, we're sure Champions will look great come launch day. You can find the senses-pummeling trailer after the break.

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