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Codemasters talks Overlord, working with Wii


It might not be a good time to port your game to the Wii right now. With Dead Rising causing many jaws to hit the floor in disgust, confidence isn't in ready supply. Enter Overlord: Dark Legend brand manager Dan Robinson, who doesn't want you to think his game is just being slapped together.

Codemasters "realized quite early on if we just did a port of 'Overlord' or 'Overlord 2' onto the Wii, we'd get slighted," Robinson told MTV Multiplayer. The most important thing for his company is that "the game works with the control system." He explained that when making a game on a Nintendo console, a developer has to "make sure that it hits all the buttons that Nintendo fanboys want," because it can be "dead in the water before you've even started." Viewing the Wii as something more than a system to make a quick buck on ... that is a good start!

Codemasters, like Sega, is looking for that hardcore buck, too. "I think it's definitely more of a hardcore game than you've got on the Wii at the moment," he said. "I think this gives us an opportunity to show them that the Wii can actually do games like this, and it actually works and it can make good fun." Casual players need not feel left out, however, as he thinks there are "elements of it" that will appeal to them.

Overlord: Dark Legend is currently slated for release this summer.


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